The difference between the pages in WordPress owned by different persons would only qualify to limited difference at all. This is if they are all using the original WordPress format or layout. Of course, for first time users, this is still acceptable, but for those who are already part of other networking sites, this must be changed. Well, that is understandable as everyone wants to be different.

Now for layout hunting, they must try to visit the different layout websites available on the Internet. On some websites, layouts are being offered for free, while there will definitely be others who will charge for it. There are even professional websites that cater only to providing quality and distinct layouts for their members and these are again offered with charges.

In the quest to achieve the most unique layout for their WordPress, it is not really usual to see people buying these layouts. Now, don’t worry about the designs. The designs are posted on the websites themselves so the prospective buyers may see it for themselves.

On the event that the layouts posted are unsatisfactory, try not to worry as there will still be more websites to check out. That’s the beauty of WordPress. There will always be someone supporting it.

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