Blogging is fun and blogging can even earn people some online income. That is why more and more people are going into blogging. There are many free blog sites on the internet but WordPress seems to be the one of the favorite sites.

What makes WordPress good for bloggers of all levels of experience is that it is simple to use and yet it can be so powerful for the more advanced users. WordPress is a complete blog site in the sense it offers a lot of features from themes to quite numerous plug-ins for all bloggers to use.

With such complete software, WordPress posting becomes a simple and at the same time a creative way to blog. New bloggers need not worry about WordPress posting being difficult because it’s very easy to follow. There is also a comprehensive guide on the WordPress site.

WordPress posting is even made easier through the WordPress sidebar. It is an extension that Firefox users can use for quick WordPress posting. By having the WordPress sidebar, a blogger can easily do WordPress posting in just one click. A blog editor would open so WordPress posting can be done right away.  

Now a blogger has a choice between the quick access WordPress button on the Firefox sidebar and the conventional way. Either way, WordPress posting is quite easy. All new WordPress bloggers will be able to accomplish it with no sweat at all. As long as they have something to say or to share, WordPress posting will be easy, fun and quite fulfilling for them.  

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