There are quite so many blogs out there. But not all blogs get read by many people.  That is why bloggers do their best to promote their blogs on the internet. The same is true with WordPress bloggers. Even if WordPress is such a popular blog site, each individual WordPress blog does automatically get read.

In order to help its bloggers get a certain amount of exposure, there is a plug-in called WordPress Related Posts. Through this plug-in bloggers are able to display other blogs that have a related theme to their own. Each individual blog also gets displayed in other WordPress blogs.

This gives the blogs opportunities of being read. One tip for bloggers is to make their tagging as specific as possible. This way, their blogs would be displayed in blogs that are really quite related to their theme. They will also be displaying in their own blogs the blogs that are quite related.

This feature is also known as the tag surfer. Again, the blogs displayed on the blog would depend on the tag that bloggers use in their own blogs. To display blogs of the same interest, one has to tag his blog entries more specifically. A more general tagging would result to a relatively random WordPress Related Posts display.  

What this feature actually brings to the blogs is a boost in blog visits. It adds to the number of links the blog has so it aids the blogs in search engine optimization. While a feature such as WordPress Related Posts is quite standard in many blog sites, it is powerful aid in making every blog more popular.

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