In 2003, WordPress made its debut. However, WordPress has only a single bit of code for topography enhancements at that time. The users were few in number, and everyday writing was also minimal. But then, afterwards WordPress started to boom and today it is already known as one of the most prevalent self-hosted blogging engines in the world. And for the record, WordPress is being utilized by thousands of websites and viewed daily by millions of users.

WordPress site allows you to download software script. Installation of software script is also allowed. The most interesting part in WordPress sites is its customization capabilities. Free service is even provided by the which can be maximized by beginners who wish to venture in WordPress and blogging. In just a few seconds WordPress can let you blog. Nevertheless, it is still advisable that you download and install the software so you can enjoy more interesting and customizable features.

For its historical background, WordPress was created for primary objective which is to establish well-designed and well-architectured publishing system that is mainly for personal use. WordPress was initially created on PHP and MySQL licensed by GPL. Back then, WordPress was considered as a genuine software novelty and its roots can be derived in 2001.

In 2005, WordPress has introduced its 1.5 version and it was instantly downloaded by more than 900,000 users. The release of the 2.0 version was again another advancement in the part of WordPress. Every year, after the release of 1.5 and 2.0 version, more downloads were recorded and in 2007 there were about 3 million downloads of 1.384 plugins. Surely, WordPress is now facing another productive and unbeatable position in the ranking of major blog engines in the history.

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