The primary concern of WordPress is to provide an avenue where thoughts could be translated into electronic letters to be read by other people. In a way, it is also communication on different scale. In other words, WordPress is about blogging, and the thing is, blogging itself is a form of social communication with other folks.

Of course with the current innovations being done on WordPress, the line that divides it from the likes of MySpace is already starting to dwindle. All innovations are tuned into making it as social-friendly as possible and because it is in the Internet, it is more likely to be much like its other competitors.

In terms of delivering uniqueness, for the blog site, it is no longer the issue of how the blog pages of every individual may look like. Today, WordPress itself is branching out to provide socially-able programs that would attract like-minded people.

This is something currently unexpected as the current trend today is to provide general communication between people, as opposed to giving special sites for special interests.
This, like everything else brought about by Internet use, may be the next revolutionary concept to be famous for being different. Of course, the answer to this depends on the people’s needs.

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