Ready to use prioritized Workforce Planning requirements, to:

Make sure you have a Capacity and Resource Program Manager that is responsible for the workforce management team and systems, staff modeling and capacity planning, and contact/workload forecasting with the goal of meeting business service levels in supported departments without exceeding (or falling short of) staffing requirements, making use of analysis and by providing data-driven hiring recommendations to meet staffing needs over time. .


    • Develop a more data informed, forward looking and strategically aligned approach to workforce planning, capable of dealing with the demands of a fast shifting marketplace.
    • Apply workforce data to make an impact.
    • Work with business partners to bring together other businesses and/or workforce partners in a collaborative approach to meeting shared needs.
    • Identify economic considerations that have particular relevance to your organization and its provision of programs and services.
    • Embed data into decision making about people.
    • Build a culture that engages workers fully, and identify areas in the business where attrition is especially high.
    • Communicate with employees about data collection.
    • Adjust your workforce for future business needs.
    • Help future proof your people and business by cultivating broader skills.
    • Ensure that your workforce planning, management and improvement are effective.

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