Working As A Call Center Customer Service Office Support Agent

When it comes to customer service, the call center office support is the front-liner of the company.  He will be responsible for providing secretarial, clerical and administrative support for the customer, client and even for the organization in the most effective and efficient way.

The office support call center agent will handle and will be responsible for providing office, clerical and customer services for the organization.  The call center will do his best to provide these services in a timely and friendly manger in order to avoid disruptions in the workflow. 

Since most office support positions in a call center not only provide customer service but also clerical and secretarial work, the agent will regularly handle transactions that involve the relaying of telephone messages, maintaining a filing system, respond to inquiries, and coordinate schedules and deliverables.

Working in this field will require the candidate to be professional when it comes to financial transactions involving funds and services in order to maintain an accurate and reliable record.  Work orders, records, receipts and collections should be properly documented and filed.  There is a full range of administrative and operational work for the call center office support agent.  Customer service and satisfaction should be the first priority aside from managing and monitoring the work process.

Being an office support call center agent, responsibilities will vary from time to time. Some organizations will assign you to interact closely with the client and provide additional customer service through follow ups and liaison work.  Therefore, the skills necessary to become an office support worker should include being independent while at the same time a team worker.

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