The term thickbox is a technology-based term that is clearly associated with Javascript – a known scripting language designed for web designing and development.  The thickbox is something that is on top of the library of the Jquery language.  This thingy thickbox shows a graphic or a text or a combination of the two on a window pop-up.  This mechanism allows the user then to have a very good view of the image and the text without being asked to leave and close the web page that is being originally viewed.  The thumbnail feature that allows for viewing a larger size of the graphic is fundamentally the purpose of the thickbox.  

The thickbox as an element that is being integrated to the Drupal system has specific requirements to be complied in order to have an effective and fully integrated thickbox on Drupal.  There specific integration requirements are as follows:

a.    The effective mechanism to handle the image and graphic modules for the specific node.  
b.    The effective mechanism to handle the links for log-in on the node system.
c.    The effective ability to eliminate the presence of the thickbox on the pages.
d.    The effective mechanism to have a formatting tool for image elements when the modules for image field and image cache are present.
e.    The effective mechanism to use a Drupal translating tool for strings on a thickbox text field box.

These specific integration requirements are supposed to be met as these ensure the proper and effective integration of the thickbox component with the Drupal software.  

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