An AdWords advertisement, just like any other website content, is required to be professionally made and created. For it to be qualified as something that is professionally made, the following attributes should be present and manifested:

a. Content.  
The AdWords advertisements have content.  Although it may not be a content that is as extensive as the ones seen on the website, the advertisement on the AdWords should also possess professional quality.  It is being advised that contents of the advertisement remains not rude or very condescending in voice.  People who read the ads can actually feel and see the sincerity that is put onto the advertisement.
b. Keywords.  
The keywords are the fundamental elements of the advertisements, or any other web content for that matter.  When search engines begin to search for the results, keywords are the first things that are being referenced.  These keywords should also contain the professionalism that is required to have.  Direct and professional terms should be used when developing keywords.  
c. Banners.  
When your AdWords advertisement contains a banner, make sure that any graphic or text which is included on it are permissible and are not obscene.  Make sure that decency on the graphics and textual elements are being observed.  Refrain from using vulgarity and rudeness in whatever aspect.
d. Fonts and Styles.  
When creating an advertisement for AdWords, fonts and styles should also be considered. Although majority of people would not see this as very impacting, but in reality the font and its style has an impact on the all in all professional look of the advertisement.

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