Tim Milo announced that wysiwygPro, a browser-based HTML WYSIWYG editor online, decided to discontinue the availability of Drupal plugin to any of their website. According to Milo, wysiwygPro had made known to the public that the Drupal plugin will no longer be available to their Download Center as an offered plugin for wysiwygPro. They also said that they had withdrawn their support to the Drupal Module for the meantime, which was made available on the Drupal.org.

Essentially, the Module of the Drupal PLUGIN script was produced and supported through the forums of Drupal.org by committed Drupal user, who they were able to know for the past few months. According to them, they have added the Drupal plugin to their plugin listing on their Download Center Website for the past few months. However, they have known that the module is not allowed for non-GPL software to work together with Drupal, even if the module was written as GPL. This action is prohibited even though enclosed in a LGPL or GPL interface. For this reason, the module was removed from the forums of Drupal.org since the action was taken as GPL violation by the leaders of Drupal Association.

Because of this incident, wysiwygPro was shocked, saddened, and disappointed. However, they said they are respecting the leaders of Drupal Association. This is why they have preferred to remove the Module of Drupal plugin from their website and Download Center. According to them, this decision will be effective until they were able to get the full grasp of the entire issue.  

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