Yahoo Help Desk Features

Everyone nowadays uses computers.  Even kids at school
are taught on how to use computers and search over the
internet.  Everyone knows the popular website Yahoo. 
Yahoo provides a wide vast of internet services that
caters to almost all kinds of online activities.  It is for
that reason that yahoo has become one of the favorite
visited website search engine.

Since help desk provides information and assistance, the
yahoo help desk ensures that each yahoo directory have
 a help facility.  Unlike other help desk, yahoo help desk
does not provide the yahoo phone number but an email
address instead.  It has features like providing topics for
frequently asked questions, suggestions and trouble
shooting procedures made available for users to perform
should problems.  Other than each directory having its
own help facility, it has a Yahoo Central website that lists
down all the Yahoo services and help facility information. 
Related helpful links are also provided to include:

1.  Help in Signing in and Registration
2.  Help in Marketing Preferences.  This has to do with
     your option of whether you would want to receive
     advertisement from marketers over the internet.
3.  How to report an abuse.  This has something to
     do with scams and spams you received from your
4.   Help in securing yahoo account
5.   Security Center.  This has something to do with
      protecting your PC from virus.
6.   Private Policy.  This has something to do with
      treating personal information of users private.
7.   How to make Yahoo as the home page

Yahoo desk help does not only serve the needs of
 the users but as well as itself.  They made the yahoo
desk help solutions ready and design them easy for
users to access. 

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