Have you ever thought that for once, schools may be savvy enough to actually use high technological means to actually enhance the reading and writing skills of children especially if the medium of choice would actually be that of podcasts? Podcasting for schools is a new way for education to break yet more barriers and the bridge the gap between the tech-fearsome and the tech-savvy. The great thing about using podcasting for education is that it is a tried and tested motivator for students to practice their skills in reading aloud.

Back then, a teacher would have to resort to the method of using books and notebooks to make students learn how to read. But with podcasting, it is so much fun and certainly allows one with the freedom to be more creative about the approach! When you create audio tracks that can be used for schools, you have used a medium that is a good motivator for students simply because such technology is something they are actually familiar with.  You can use any kind of writing for it to become a podcast and the beauty of it is that it does not have to be a lengthy one for it to count.

Simply put, a few sentences out of your audio reading program will certainly do for your very first educational audio podcast. A lot of children will be able to respond to this quite easily since when they download it they will all have something in common. The natural response to this would be to come up with an audio podcast of something that was based on a novel or even just a plain old creative response to an educational or academic question.

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