Last night I got a “friendly” reminder phone call that I had some dvd’s that were overdue, and people were waiting to rent them.. This got me thinking… how does ITIL® apply here? Therefore, here are my top 5 ITIL® processes as applied to DVD Rentals

1 – Demand Management – let’s start with the obvious… How often do you get to rent the newest top release for the same length and cost as an old movie – never right? ( if yes – I want to know where…) everyone wants to rent the latest movies. (I personally prefer to try and see them at the cinema when they are first released – but each miser to his own J…) so to manage this demand – they limit the rental period and charge you so much more! – once demand decreases – the 3day stickers start to appear and so on…

2 – DML – ok this is also pretty obvious – but worth rating! – How many times have you walked the aisles, looking for that 1 particular dvd?  The more you try looking, the more your head starts to spin, the more it starts to ache from your 45degree scouting tilt, and the more frustrated you become.  If only we were all ( note that I said all – as I am sure there are those much smarter and less stressed than I) smart enough to go straight up to the service desk and ask them to look through their database (aka Definitive Media Library) and locate exactly(ok  wishful thinking here) the dvd that you seek…Hmm.. I wonder if those “under the counter” dvd’s would be listed? – If true to ITIL®… NOT!  This now leads me into my next Function…

3 – Service Desk – now this is really interesting… If we were all smart and asked for help, this would create capacity issues on the service desk, right? – So to deal with this service desk capacity issue – THEY DON’T ACTIVELY PROMOTE THIS SERVICE!  Instead they will let you merrily, or not so merrily, wander their store looking.  I wonder if anyone has considered a self serve service desk, where you can  scan the DML – locate both availability and location and then proceed to pay???( if you are a DVD store owner – this idea is forthwith copyright!!!!) Wouldn’t this decrease service requests and free staff up to serve the “organized/cheap customers?

4 –Service Portfolio management – (of course this should always be at the beginning in the strategy phase.. but…) now, I live in a very multicultural neighbourhood, but for some reason, there only seems to be mainstream dvd’s – no foreign films.  Without wanting to be “OSTBO” (Over Stating the Bl@@dy Obvious) –wouldn’t you consider your market when designing the services for your business? I wonder what is in the pipeline?

5 – Incident management – my favourite process… Incident – scratched dvd – logged – and KEDB says shove it in that dvd polishing machine which looks something like a popcorn machine, and polish it within an inch of its life – incident resolved… – until you get it home and realise that you cant even play this newly formed drink coaster in your best dvd player – but merrily plays it in your $50 el-cheapo version!


Meanwhile, I am still trying to work out who else wanted my overdue copy of American Gigolo???


Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service




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