A lot of Drupal enthusiasts are having quite a difficult time to understand the processes that are involved in injecting or embedding a video on the Youtube down to the Drupal site that was made.  This indeed is such a mind-boggling thing to comprehend and understand, more so, when you do not have enough skills and know-how to do it.

Drupal has always been thinking about having a main online video platform that it can use as a compatible and integrated system.  This has been brought about by the massive demand of people towards having the capability to upload or embed a video file onto a Drupal-made and designed website.  When Google has announced that they will be officially allowing the use of the API files of Youtube publicly, Drupal grabbed this opportunity to work on having the Youtube as the major platform for online video in uploading video files onto the Drupal site. The very simple necessity to acquire the API keys can allow for videos to be running with the guided process using the Drupal system.

Initially, people who wish to upload these video files onto the Drupal site will be experiencing difficulty in having it done perfectly because of the newness of the protocol. However, as people get used to using the process in uploading, they would realize that it is not after all that burdensome.  All they need to do is to make sure that the input filters are not filtering the codes from the Youtube website.  

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