In information technology, one will definitely come across the Zachman framework. This is because the Zachman framework is a very well established taxonomy which one can use in different Information Technology departments that are set up for the various teams. These teams are also responsible for developing as well as documenting the Enterprise Architecture of a company. Such a taxonomy is then used in order to fix and organize the different architectural artifacts which then get to take into account the targets and the issues.

Here, you get to address the business owners and the functionality of his system as well. This is very important because such artifacts are essential components of the design documentation, the specifications and the models. This was an original idea of John Zachman who worked at IBM during the 1980s. Such a framework as also often referenced as the established standard of taxonomy that helps one express the basic elements that make up enterprise architecture.

The great thing about the Zachman Framework is that is has already been recognized by the United States Federal Government because it has received acceptance all over the world since it is an integrated framework that helps one manage changes that occur in both enterprises and the systems that hold it up. John Zachman personally says that the framework itself can be applied to different enterprises with logical structures for both identifying and organizing the models that are part of the entire management process of the actual enterprise architecture itself.

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