Our Brand Story

The digital space is transforming so rapidly, it is sometimes difficult to know where and when to begin up-skilling. We have been developing and delivering IT training materials to provide our clients with a competitive edge for years. By exploring the possibilities and defining the knowledge, we have upskilled technology leaders the world over.


Empowering technology leaders to explore options


Intentionally creating a competitive advantage for clients


Providing clarity to those seeking knowledge

The Art of Service believe that a continuous pursuit of knowledge is the only way to maintain a competitive edge in the world of technology.

Far too often, leaders will realize that their existing knowledge is not going to be relevant for the outcome expected, and they are at risk of becoming obsolete. This leads to realizing that their competitive advantage has diminished.

Knowing what we know about the technology industry from our years of experience, we offer clients technology leadership opportunities as a way to hone their skills and increase their wealth of knowledge.

Our pledge is to empower and enlighten technology leaders to truly gain a competitive advantage within their field. By offering continuous avenues for self-improvement, we impart knowledge and experience to those willing to harness it and, in turn, can help them to influence their industry.

The Art of Service’s mission is:

  • To help our clients create such high levels of technology leadership value that together we set new standards of excellence in our respective industries
  • To help our clients to reduce their effort in the technology leadership work they do to get their problem solved
  • To help our clients in ensuring that their plans of action include every technology leadership task and that every technology leadership outcome is in place
  • To help our clients not having to spend time investigating strategic and tactical options, therefore saving time and ensuring technology leadership opportunity costs are low
  • To help our clients channel implementation direction instantly to deliver tailored technology leadership advise with structured going-forward plans

The U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has included The Art of Service's Cyber Security Self Assessment on their Framework Industry Resources list: "The Self Assessment is deemed qualified, accurate and comprehensive as a Guidance that Incorporates the Framework."


"I really like the format. Simple but quite powerful. I’ll make sure to share my views with Amazon. Thanks again."

Carl M.

Senior Solutions Architect

"I have gone through the array of your works and they are simply awesome! Great job you have been doing."

Kenneth O.

MD/CEO, Emerging Media

"Thank you, these are great!"

Natalie F.

Healthcare Information Technology Consultant

"Thanks for this; a lot of work has gone into developing and producing this, I’m looking forward to using it in the coming weeks."

Dr Steven.B.

Head of Information Security & Assurance

"So far I've only had time to browse it very superficially, but form that it looks very comprehensive and at the same time practical. As soon as I find time I will do a short item on it on my literature pages and point risk management professionals in your direction. Have a great day, and all the best!!"

Carsten B.

Experienced safety and quality enabler

"Thank you for the excel dashboard. It is so powerful."

Tahar H.

Researcher at Institute of Economic Analysis and Prospective Studies

"I have been looking at the document, and it is quite extensive."

Pengilly W.

Director IT & Logistics at a leading University

"Thank you, this is perfect - I will certainly be recommending Self Assessment dashboards to all - I can't wait to tell my colleagues on Monday"

Mel F.

Change Management Professional

"The Self-Assessment is a great tool to gather feedback and input from others, especially challenges, and things to watch out for. Very helpful!"

Julie M.

AWS Solution Architect

"The Verdict: The HR Analytics Complete Self-Assessment package ticks a lot of checkboxes, especially for businesses testing the BI waters for Human Resource decision making and performance enhancement and for companies that can’t have a full-time data professional on payroll to guide the initial implementation of their HR analytics drive."


A Review of The Art of Service HR Analytics Complete Self-Assessment: Will This Excel Based, Offline Tool Help HR Analytics Implementation?

"Honestly - at the extremely low outlay - the capacity to accelerate your journey, increase productivity and be a more informed buyer (when combined with what actual business problems you are trying to solve) I would be extremely hard pressed to not undertake it."

David S.

Director Organisational performance

"The Self Assessment is deemed qualified, accurate and comprehensive as a Guidance that Incorporates the NIST Cybersecurity Framework."

U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)