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Why is being remarkable SO important? Something remarkable is worth talking about. Worth noticing. Exceptional. New. Interesting.

Boring stuff is invisible. Remarkable Service Management is the art of building things worth noticing right into your product or service. Not slapping on Service Management as a last minute add-on, but understanding that if your offering isn’t remarkable, it’s invisible.

Here’s how The Art of Service is remarkable. While you read, consider how your company might be remarkable. If you’re having trouble thinking of anything, drop us a line.

1. Reality Service Management
The Art of Service created Reality Service Management because as CIO’s and IT Service Managers we couldn’t find a system to help grow our businesses. Its roots were developed in response to all the fluff from traditional vendors that tried to help us, but provided too much fluff. These companies showed us pretty documents that looked good, but never helped us make more money.

The concept behind Reality Service Management is simple. Many companies invest a lot of money in IT Service Management programs that never work. These programs don’t work because they’re NOT grounded in reality; they look good, but they don’t consider the customer. While this might work for a Fortune 500 company, it’s not going to work for you.

Reality Service Management Is Different.
It’s built on a foundation that first considers your customers’ perspectives, opinions, challenges, and pains when buying a product or service from a company like yours. Then, we develop documents, elearning, ebooks, processes and templates that enable people to relate to your company—and your solution to their challenges.

Our approach educates your prospective customers and provides a strong argument that you are the obvious choice to do business with. We develop low risk offers that gives them a positive experience with your company, allowing you the opportunity to shine, quickly and easily.

This approach is proven to deliver new customers, increase sales, and improve profits quickly because it starts with the customer—not the IT Organization! You would be crazy to try any other approach. It would be almost like throwing away money!
2. Service Management Machine
A Service Management Machine is a comprehensive program that uses Service Management to deliver needs in one end of the machine and spit out results on the other. The Art of Service customizes each of our clients’ Service Management Machines to specifically achieve their individual business goals and objectives.

Although every client’s Machine is different depending on your industry, goals, budget, etc., some common tactics included in many Machines include:

– Strategy and Planning
– Market Research
– Service Management Integration
– Process Design
– Process Documentation
– Marketing
– Public Relations (PR)
– Advertising
– Event Marketing
– Rollout Support

3. Client Satisfaction Surveys
The Art of Service contstantly looks for ways to improve our customer service. As such, we distribute regular client satisfaction surveys to measure how we’re doing. We use the survey results to make improvements to our current processes and develop methods to address areas that could potentially be improved. In addition, a percentage of all The Art of Service employees’ compensation is tied to the results of our client satisfaction surveys. Now your Service Management team has a vested interest in the success of your program.

4. Outsourced Service Management Department
You are the expert at your business, and The Art of Service is the expert in Service Management. Many businesses cannot afford the staff needed to support an effective Service Management program. With The Art of Service, you hire a complete, outsourced Service Management department. The Art of Service’s team of Service Management professionals works with you to build a Service Management Machine that works for your business. We collaborate with our clients to develop a Service Management strategy to meet business goals, and we use our expertise to drive the execution of recommended tactics. For less than the price of one Service Management professional, you get the power of entire team.

5. Service Management and Management Consulting Services
The Art of Service provides both Service Management and Management consulting services – those two areas of your business cannot work independently. Not only do we help define needs, but we show you how to turn them into results. Our team develops a Service Management program that drives needs and then teaches your team all of the strategies, processes and systems needed to turn them into results.

6. Pod Structure
The Art of Service utilizes a “Pod” approach for all client project efforts. Each new engagement leads to the selection of up to eight of our team members to work on the construction of your Service Management Machine. A pod consists of a Service Management consultant, process designers, documentation writer, public relations specialist, and a project manager, and is led by a partner. By having a group of Service Management specialists working on your account, we are able to brainstorm effectively and produce superior, more creative results for our clients.

7. Results-Oriented
We only consider one of our client engagements a success when we are able to drive results. Our customized approach focuses on building a Service Management Machine that will drive results for each individual client. Our Service Management efforts are focused on bringing in more resultss for clients, which can then be converted to additional revenue/cost savings. We provide your IT people with tools and messaging to help them deliver and we also offer individualized coaching and training to ensure that results are achieved.

8. Entrepreneur – to – Entrepreneur
We are entrepreneurs, too! Our team has founded and successfully marketed several small businesses and we have a passion for sharing our ideas with other entrepreneurs. We know what’s most important: not looking cute in an IT Management role, but making the phone ring and people go to your services. We talk the talk.

9. The Art of Service University
The Art of Service consistently develops new tools and programs to help It Managers with their Service Management efforts. That’s why we created The Art of Service University, which offers a variety of articles, books, templates, toolkits and elearning with fresh, savvy ideas that can be implemented immediately to help drive IT Results!

10. Free Service Management Coaching Session
The Art of Service offers free 30 minute coaching sessions, which consists of a conversation about the current state of your business, where you would like to see your business in the future and suggested Service Management tactics to increase the number of results delivered.

If you are ready to take your business to the next level, contact us and we will have our IT Service Management Expert Ivanka Menken set up a call right away. We look forward to chatting with you!

11. We Make Our Clients “Remarkable”
The Art of Service reviews a client’s business and identifies what makes them remarkable. We don’t simply identify our clients’ great qualities — we identify that which makes our clients stand out from the competition. We then position these “remarkables” in our clients’ messaging in a manner which shows their customers that they are the only company with whom to do business. If you can’t say anything remarkable about your business, don’t spend any money on Service Management because you will just look like everyone else.

12. Ongoing Communication
The Art of Service’s “pod” works as part of our client’s organization. Although we are working out of our own office, we regularly communicate with our clients via scheduled weekly conference calls. We also provide detailed program updates and performance reports which outline the progress, status and effectiveness of all Service Management efforts.