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You are a trusted professional with many responsibilities and need the confidence that you can make timely and accurate compliance decisions.

We understand that you need to be in control and have peace of mind but the problem is that the complexity is increasing and you’re unsure about the blind spots in your data.

Over 100,000 assessments and toolkits sold with AI governed criteria.

Your risk becomes your reward with The Art of Service. Cultivate an in-house knowledge base with self-assessments that cut out expensive consultants and give you a competitive edge.

With 300+ Academic Citations our work is in the top 1.8% of most cited work worldwide.

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  • Are you frustrated you’re paying more than you should for compliance assessments?
  • Annoyed about losing precious time because you’re waiting for quotes from external consultant companies?
  • Are you overwhelmed by the sheer amount of information you need to analyse to make the correct executive decisions?

Retake control: Start here

When you work with The Art of Service we give you full control. 

Our Self Assessments give you deep insights into your blind spots when it comes to compliance and business risks.

We can also work with you to set your team up for success, or if you prefer we can do the work for you. 

You choose – simply follow these easy steps to start today:

Book a discovery call

In this 30 minute video call we identify how you prefer to regain your control around compliance and risk management.

Assess your risks

Based on what you learn in the discovery call, you can use the instant self assessment, or we team up to assess the risks.

implement the findings

Now that you have clarity on the blind spots, it’s time to work on implementation. We’re here along the way to help you get your results.

The most popular Compliance Assessments

Risk Management
Assess risks and threats from a wide range of sources.
Quality Management
Ensure consistent quality in your company, products, and services.
Project Management
Plan and execute projects that achieve your goals and objectives.
People Management
Lead your team confidently with continuous direction and support.
New Technology
Increase awareness and knowledge in your technological field.
Business Processes
Create specific structured tasks for personnel and equipment.

How can we help?

To make sure you stay in control we help you maintain peace of mind for your organization so you don’t need external resources if you don’t want to.
Our tools and services help C-level executives stay in control from beginning to end to overcome knowledge gaps. We teach you the right questions to ask and get the insights you need without relying on consultants.

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DIY: Assessment Tools

Make more informed business decisions and keep your organization on track to achieve your goals.

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DIY: eLearning

Learn new skills and improve your knowledge base with our vast selection of online learning options. 

Do it With You

Our on-site services are designed to work with your team so you stay in control of the direction and results.

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Do it For you

Sometimes peace of mind for you means that we come in to deliver a workshop or education program.

What our clients say

Digital Business Lead
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I got this when I needed a tool to help me assessment my DX (Digital Transformation) knowledge, capabilities, and readiness. Beautiful work. This is a wonderful self-assessment workbook with good questions to practice for those who are looking for all professional guides to assess their capabilities and readiness for Digital Transformation.
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We are starting with Business Support Office in Jan 2022. Thanks for the Downloads and your guidance for the well structured self-assessment.
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Thank you so much for the valuable book, especially for someone who is interested in Digital manufacturing, system integration.I definitely recommend it. I've been having the benefits of the assessment from the first day. The book provides a quite good assessment tool in a very complicated area, and makes project engineering life easy. The excel files for the self assessment tools that come together via link after buying the book helps your gap analysis well.
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Love the approach - it’s the consistency and transparency of thinking and commitment which sees these projects fail. Fantastic way to visualise this via the radars.

The U.S. Department of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has included The Art of Service's Cyber Security Self Assessment on their Framework Industry Resources list: "The Self Assessment is deemed qualified, accurate and comprehensive as a Guidance that Incorporates the Framework."

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