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About Toolkits

We get this question on a regular basis – and for good reason. We have many different Self Assessment Guide Toolkits on a range of topics.

Above all, our mission is to ensure you have the exact toolkit and content you need for the project you are working on and to achieve this we strive to continuously expand the toolkit options based on current and future market needs.

New topics are uncovered and selected daily with our in-house designed AI and Machine Learning applications to ensure content is always relevant, up to date and above all specific to your exact need.

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Here we were – in the middle of bushland on the side of a mountain with snow and sleet coming at us horizontally. That wasn’t the worst… we didn’t know how far we had to go still and my feet started to hurt.

It made me nervous. We were following a path so clearly we would end up somewhere, but we turned left somewhere – was that a smart choice? Perhaps we are going around in circles, making it difficult to get back to the car?

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While talking to clients, I often have to answer questions about the Self Assessment Toolkits. More specifically, queries why there are so many questions in the toolkits. And why there isn’t more video training or text based information about the subject that is contained in the toolkit.

There are a number of reasons for this, but the most important one is that it is becoming more and more clear that the real problem solving skill lies in the power of asking questions.

“A Good Question is Half the Answer”

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Let’s say you are a CTO or Consultant with 18+ years experience in the IT industry… You are looking for tools to help you with your job – you want things to be easy as you don’t want to have to reinvent the wheel. You know you need to start new projects all the time, and everybody is looking at you for guidance and subject matter expertise.

So you find yourself looking for a tool to help the consultant (you) to reduce time in re-inventing but to enhance the available tools and templates based on the engagements.  Most importantly, it should be relevant.

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Here is the link to the Vendor Third Party Management Toolkit, you can browse it online or download and test out the resources.

You’ve been looking at the different toolkits for hours now – even printed the various descriptions and have them all piled up like a big mountain on your desk.

While this looks very impressive, it doesn’t help you make the decision which Self Assessment Toolkit will help you with your projects.

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The Art of Service is known for our learning materials and eLearning certification products. Which is why people ask questions about The Standard Requirement Self Assessment Guides as it may sound as if these guides are part of our training products.

For example, this question about our Salesforce Marketing Cloud Complete Self Assessment Guide:

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Sometimes it just feels like you’re herding cats – or trying to hold on to something slippery…  it just doesn’t want to go in the direction you want. So frustrating, yet very much part of a normal business day.

In this case I’m talking about trying to find out how mature our business processes are. You want to follow a data driven improvement cycle RDMAICS (Recognize, Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, Control and Sustain) to help create structure and clarity to everybody involved in the process.

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At the beginning of a new quarter or new year we tend to look forward and think about ways we can do things differently this time. We have goals to achieve and targets to reach…

In the past you’ve used several tactics and techniques that made you the person you are today; with the knowledge and skillset you have today. But it also means that you may not have achieved the results you were hoping or aiming for.

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The Standard Requirements Self Assessment Guides are quite popular with consultants and executives. They use the Assessment Guides as part of their annual benchmarks and prior to improvement projects to identify areas to tackle.

Some subject are more involved then others. Take for example Identity and Access Management. Earlier in the week we received a question from a client around Identity and Access Management and how to use the Self Assessment Guide in such a way that it achieves the best possible results.

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Using the Art of Service Self assessments, our analysts have been able to create products much quicker than before as well as to easily see different relationships and views of the organization. Connecting with disparate departments also allowed them to easily and quickly see new perspectives previously impossible or markedly difficult to assess. Learning how to use the product was pretty straightforward and our analysts picked it up very quickly. The Art of Service makes it easy with included examples, as well as offering other training delivery methods. — Sr. Associate in the Services Industry

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